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187 visa
You will need a sponsorship of business for the position which is located in eligible regional areas for the 187 visa, which is a PR visa. Out of the eligible regions, your nominated role must be in the list as only certain areas are eligible like New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and entire states of South Australia and the capital of the Australian territory along with the Northern Territory. read more
GSM Eligibility
Studying in Australia have become quite common, but what takes to reach there is not yet everyone’s cup of tea. If you are looking for upgrading your PR points, then you must adhere to the approval of the General Skilled Migration. read more
Australia with PR
Pursuing Nursing, either study or working in Australia, is very beneficial. Read the blog to understand how an Overseas Qualified Nurse can with complete Skill assessment opt for Australia PR. read more
Permanent Resident Visas for Australia
Want to be a permanent resident of Australia? Know the benefits and pathways. XL Migration helps you in getting an Australia PR. Check the details and contact us now. read more
Short Term Trade Courses for Permanent Residency in Australia
International students are going for courses that are a pathway to presumably securing them a permanent residency in Australia. Every student coming to Australia on a student visa plans to study, work and acquire a permanent residency in the country furthermore to prosper with their career ambitions. Students get their post-study Work Visa under (Visa subclass 485) on successful completion of their degree/course. read more
registered pharmacist in Australia
In succession to become a registered pharmacist in Australia, you must hold a tertiary degree in Pharmacy like a Bachelor or a Master Degree in that case. Graduates then have to register themselves with the Pharmacy Board of Australia following which they have to complete an internship training program for approximately one year with a registered pharmacist. read more
TSS Visa Subclass 482
Temporary Skill shortage visa aids to improve the quality, contribution, and integration of skilled migrants. It fills the shortage of skilled workers for employers who are not able to find suitable talent amongst Australians. read more
Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa
A Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa would really come handy to those individuals who would like to stay in Australia to gain work experience and earn bread and butter for their livelihood after they have successfully completed their academics and education staying in Australia. read more
Nursing in Australia
Nurses with essential skills, knowledge and qualifications have always been an indispensable part of Australian healthcare sector. The profession is considered as the most trusted & esteemed of all in the country and also offers great employment opportunities. read more
migrate to Australia
If you are a qualified nurse, who wants to migrate to Australia via various Australian Visa Programs, here is all the information you need. Click to read! read more
Parent Visas
Wondering if it's too late to migrate to Australia if you are above the age of 50? Read this blog to learn about the immigration pathways available to you. read more
migrating to Australia
Every year a number of people and students migrate to Australia for different purposes. The main reason behind choosing this particular step is the lifestyle and education opportunities offered by this marvelous country. read more
Fastest Developing Industries in Australia
Students who want to go to Australia for doing international courses and kickstart their careers must know about-about the top developing tech companies. With several programs, job opportunities are presently flourishing. read more
Working Holiday Visa Australia
While spending time with your friends and family is great, there are several other things you need to consider before and after your travel to Australia. After you get your visa and book your flights, there remain a few other things which you need to look forward before you board the plane. read more
Australian Immigration process in 2019
Immigration service Australia is at the center of political discussion with Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It indicates that more opportunities are opening up for migrants in regional Australia. read more
General Skilled Migration Visa
Australia's Skilled Migration Program aims for individuals holding special skills and a desire to settle in Australia. There are more than 120,000 new migrants entering Australia with special skills willing to settle in Australia. read more
Living in Australia
Being surrounded by Indian and Pacific Ocean, the Commonwealth of Australia under the guidance of Scott Morrison the current Prime Minister stands as one of the most prominent sovereign countries in the globe with a population of more than 2.46 crores. read more
high demand in Australia
With a population of more than 2.46 crores (according to data obtained from 2017), Australia today stands as one of the best job providing hub around the globe. read more
Parents of migrants in Australia
The Australian government will introduce a new Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa that will provide parents and grandparents a new pathway to reunite with their families for a longer length of time in Australia. read more
New Graduate Stream from WA
Are you willing to settle down permanently in WA? If yes, check all the details about New Graduate Stream for WA state nomination program. read more
Overseas Teacher in Australia
Are you an overseas qualified teacher willing to teach in Australia? Know the qualification requirements to meet along with the permanent residency Pathways. read more
The Australian Immigration has laid down some obligations that an employer must follow while sponsoring employees and their dependents under 457 visa. read more
How 457 Visa Helps You Achieve Personal & Professional Goals 01
Do you think 457 visa can only help you achieve professional goals? Then discover how it also offers a range of personal benefits as well with our blog. read more
migration to Australia, visa for Australia,  immigration agents perth
Efficient consultant or agent Australian immigration or education becomes so easy! XL Migration and Education is renowned as an excellent migration agent Perth. read more

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