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Employer Sponsored Visa Australia

What is Employer Sponsored Visa?

Employer Sponsored Visa

Employer sponsored visa allows businesses to sponsor skilled overseas workers who have recognised qualifications and expertise in a particular occupation required in Australia. Eligible employers may sponsor an overseas worker for a temporary or permanent visa, and should have the occupation listed on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL). If the occupation is not listed on the CSOL, eligible employers may consider a Labour Agreement.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is responsible to administer sponsorship applications for employers & sponsored visa applications for employees. In sponsored visa Australia, skilled migrants are not points tested as unlike GSM visa.

However, the prospective employees must meet the skill and requirements of the sponsored visa program to be eligible to apply for the visa.

Who is Eligible for Employer Sponsored Visa?

You may be eligible for a temporary or permanent employer sponsored visa if you:

  • Have been nominated by an approved Australian employer, a state or territory authority or a state or territory government agency
  • Meet the necessary qualifications, skills and English language requirements, unless you are exempted from the same
  • Are not more than 50 years of age, unless you are exempt
  • Apply for the stream or occupation for which you are sponsored

Employer Sponsored Visa Programs

There are various employer sponsored visa programs to suit diverse recruitment needs. Several factors that need to considered when determining the most suitable visa category are the nature and size of the company, the nature of the job position to be filled by an overseas worker, the urgency to fill the job position, the experience and qualifications required and the region where the overseas employer will work. Different visa options include:

Employer Sponsored Visa Programs

The temporary work visa is designed to enable eligible employees to address their labour shortage issue by sponsoring or nominating skilled overseas workers to work in Australia on a temporary basis. The visa lets a skilled worker to live in Australia and work in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor for up to 4 years.

Holders of Subclass 457 visa can:

  • Travel to Australia and work in their nominated occupation for a period between 1 day to 4 years
  • Bring an eligible dependant with them to Australia; the dependant can study or work in Australia
  • Have no limit on the number of times they can travel in & out of Australia once they enter the country on their sponsored visa

You must be sponsored by an approved business in Australia to get the temporary visa. A business can sponsor or nominate someone for this visa if they are unable to find a suitable Australian citizen or permanent resident for the skilled work. Since this is a sponsored visa Australia, before you apply for it, your employer must become an approved sponsor and nominate you for the job position.

Employer Nomination Scheme or ENS is a permanent residence visa for skilled overseas workers. The visa allows the employee to work in Australia in one of the three streams as mentioned herewith:

  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream - It is for Subclass 457 holders who have worked in Australia for 2 years in the same occupation with their sponsored employer, who wants to give them a permanent position in that occupation.
  • Direct Entry Stream - Subclass 186 visa Australia is for people who have been sponsored by their employer under this stream, who have never or partially worked in Australia or temporary residents who do not qualify for the Temporary Residence Transition Stream.
  • Agreement Stream - It is for people sponsored by an eligible employer through a labour agreement.

The permanent employer sponsored visa is designed for skilled workers who want to work in regional Australia and have been nominated by an approved employer for a job position.

Regional Australia does not include Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne or Wollongong.

RSMS allows you to work in Australia under one of the three streams -
Temporary Residence Transition System, Direct Entry Stream and Agreement Stream.

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