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Visiting Australia: Options for Visitors Visa

Visiting Australia: Options for Visitors Visa

Australia is a popular tourist destination in the world, attracting travellers throughout the year. It is an amazing place, whether you are visiting for a fun-filled holiday, for visiting your relatives or friends. Discover the country's rich heritage, customs and values of life as you stand witness some of the most interesting places to visit in Australia.

Reasons to Visit Australia

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Top reasons why people visit Australia are:
  • Sightseeing - The country boasts astounding natural wonders, scenic beauty and world heritage sites that allure visitors from around the world.
  • Holiday - Australia is one of the best places to unwind and enjoy a relaxed and laid-back family holiday. Warm hospitality, pleasant weather and a myriad of fun-filled opportunities make it a perfect holiday destination.
  • Business - Australia being a prominent business hub, people often visit the country on short business trips or as a business visitor.
  • Education - It is the 3rd most prestigious education hub in the world with several renowned universities offering over 22,000 courses. Students often visit the country for short-term education courses of 3 to 6 months in different specializations.

Getting Australian Visitors Visa

Planning to visit Australia? You need to apply for Visitor Visa Australia. This visa allows you to visit the country for reasons like sightseeing, holiday, recreational or social purposes, to see relatives or friends, as a business visitor, medical treatment or consultation, or short-term study of 3 to 6 months. Whether you are visiting Australia for less than 72 hours or planning a holiday in the country, you must have a valid visitor visa. The type of visa that you may be eligible of depends on several factors like length of your stay, your current location, purpose of visit or your passport.

Subclasses of Visitor Visa Australia

You can apply for the following visitor visas if you are residing outside Australia and hold a passport from an eligible country.

The tourist visa subclass 600 lets your visit Australia for up to three, six or 12 months:

  • as a visitor
  • to visit family, relatives or friends
  • for business visitor purposes

The cost of visa ranged from AUD135 to AUD340.

eVisitor 651 lets you visit Australia for up to 3 months over a 12 month period to:

  • have a holiday or see family and friends in Australia
  • engage in business visitor purposes
  • study for up to 3 months in certain circumstances

It takes only 5 minutes to apply for Subclass eVisitor online and gets approved within 24 hours. The cost of visa application starts from AUD599.

Electronic Travel Authority is an electronically stored authority to visit Australia. Only certain passport holders may apply for this visa. It lets you visit the country for up to 3 months

  • as a tourist
  • for business visitor activities or
  • to study in some circumstances

The visa can be applied fast and easy online, and generally gets approved within 2 days. There is no application cost for ETA visa for Australia but you may pay a service fee of AUD20.

XL Migration and Education Services makes getting visitors visa to Australia easy and hassle-free. We are a registered Australian visa consultation company, providing efficient and professional services to apply for any kind of visa. We not only guide which is the right visitor visa for you, but also assist you in the application process and getting the visa approved fast and hassle-free.

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