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Student Visa for Australia

Student Visa for Australia

Do you aspire to study abroad? Australia provides the perfect mix of world-class learning system, a global culture and lucrative career opportunities that will help you grow, not just from the learning perspective but culturally as well. Before you apply for a student visa to study in Australia, here are some important things that you should know.

Why Study in Australia?

Student Visa

Did you know Australia is a leading education powerhouse, housing 8 out of the world's top 100 universities? State-of-the-art infrastructure, lucrative career and new culture, Australia offers a myriad of opportunities for an unmatched educational experience.

Boasting some of the world's best educators and facilities, the country is the 3rd most popular international student destination globally. Australia's high living standard, friendly nature and excellent education system have made it a hot-spot for foreign students from across the world.

Here are some quick facts that make Australia one of the top education destinations to study:

  • 8 out of 100 top universities in the world are in Australia
  • An international student can choose from over 22,000 individual courses in over 1,100 institutions
  • It offers a sophisticated, safe, friendly and multicultural environment, where every student can learn, travel and earn
  • Australia also has numerous scholarship and part-time job opportunities for international students, providing the best living standard
  • Living expenses and tuition costs in Australia are comparatively reasonable than in United Stated and United Kingdom. Furthermore, international students can also make a living by working part-time for up to 40 hours every two weeks in addition to pursuing your study
  • The Australian Government spends over A$200 million each year in international scholarships>

Considering these factors, Australia happens to be one of the best destinations to pursue your dream of excellent quality higher study. Apply for a student visa today!

Australia Student Visa Subclasses

For students who are considering studying in Australia, there are different types of visas they can apply for, depending on the type of study they choose. Discussed here are subclasses of student visa in Australia based on various kinds of courses you apply for:

Subclass 500 is meant for students applying for a full-time course in a recognized institution in Australia.


A student applying for Subclass 500 must have:

  • Applied for visa and been accepted to study and stay in a registered and recognized full-time course at a leading educational institution in Australia
  • Well organized welfare arrangements for the entire duration of stay in Australia for students under the age of 18.

How to Apply?

  • Students have to apply for Subclass 500 Visa online
  • You can apply from Australia or your own country
  • After gathering and scanning all supporting documents for application, create a separate account to apply for student visa with the online application system

Make sure you provide all documents requested for the application to be processed else your application could be refused.

Subclass 590 allows the guardian of an international student less than 18 years of age to stay in Australia during the study period of the student having student visa.


To obtain Subclass 590 Visa, you have to be:

  • A parent or guardian having custody of the student, or an immediate relative over 21 years of age or older and nominated in writing by the parent of the student
  • Able and capable to provide general welfare, accommodation and necessary support to the student unless the visa is applied with reference or support of the government of your home country

In addition, there are some more conditions to be fulfilled:

  • You must meet the character and health requirements
  • You should have enough funds to support yourself and/or dependants with you and the student
  • Have health insurance for self and dependants travelling with you
  • You should not have bad credit history with the Australian government or owe money to the government
  • You must stay in Australia temporarily
  • You must provide necessary biometric information on request

How to Apply?

You have to apply for Subclass 590 Visa online. You are eligible to apply for the visa under conditions:

  • You can apply at the same time with the student
  • You can apply after the student has applied for visa
  • You can also apply after the student's visa application has been processed and granted

After the latest amendments, there are 2 Student Visa Subclasses applicable in Australia - Subclass 500 and 590. There are some specific for both:

  • International students applying for a single Student Visa can apply for Subclass 500, irrespective of the course of study.
  • Guardians of students can apply under the category of Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590.

Information for Existing Visa Holders

The following information can be helpful for new and existing Student Visa holders and applicants:

  • For students already holding student visa subclasses 570 or 576, your student visa remains valid and no changes would be applicable to your visa after 1st July, 2016.
  • After 1st July 2016, guardians and family members of Student Visa holders, both subclasses 570 to 576, would have to apply for the latest subclass 500 visa if they wish to join a family member in Australia.
  • Post 1st July 2016, guardians or parents of Student Visa holders would have to apply for a new Subclass 590 Visa to join a Student Visa holder in Australia.

For additional information and sound advice on Australian Student Visa, English Language requirements, Simplified Student Visa Framework, Education Providers and Financial capacity, contact XL Migration and Education Services.

How XL Migration and Education Services Can Help?

While deciding to study in Australia is exciting, we understand that there are several factors to consider, including the complex Visa process. At XL Migration and Education Services, we provide the best support & guidance to help you explore inspiring career/educational opportunities in Australia.

We understand how difficult and stressful it can be to apply and get approval for student visa in Australia. Therefore, we provide professional guidance and support for:

  • Choosing your preferred Course and College
  • Offer acceptance from your desired education institute
  • Visa counselling
  • Visa application procedure & filing
  • Faster and reliable visa processing
Pursue your dreams of gaining admission to a premier education institute in Australia!
Contact XL Migration and Education Services today to apply for student visa in Australia in a hassle-free manner.

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