How 457 Visa Helps You Achieve Personal & Professional Goals?

How 457 Visa Helps You Achieve Personal & Professional Goals?

How 457 Visa Helps You Achieve Personal & Professional Goals 01
The Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (subclass 457) has been the most popular visa for skilled expatriates as it allows living in Australia and working for an approved business for up to four years.
It was introduced to help employers in Australia address labour shortages and bring genuinely skilled overseas workers when they cannot find appropriately skilled Australians.

Who is Eligible for the 457 Visa?

Only those applicants are eligible for 457 Visa, who have:
  • Nominated to work in an approved occupation on the Skilled Occupation List
  • Been nominated by an approved Business
  • A good grasp of the English Language
  • Skills or Work experience closely related to the nominated occupation
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Updated Health Insurance
  • A Genuine desire to work in Australia
Choosing this Visa offers a brilliant opportunity to everyone who wants to move to Australia. As apart from working for an approved business, 457 visa holders can bring family members to study or work in Australia and travel as often till the visa expires. Besides, it also helps develop a specific expertise in a completely different environment.
Apart from the practical benefits, the visa offers some great personal benefits too.

You become a qualified member of Australian Community (even if it’s on a temporary basis) 

Expats with 457 visa can easily immerse themselves in the Australian culture and get to see the country as the native citizens do due to the opportunity of working entirely with an Australian workforce.

You can explore the whole country without getting bored 

Australia has always been the most popular countries among backpackers. Applying for 457 visa and prolonging your stay allow you to explore some of the finest points of this country at your own pace.

You make new friends 

Unlike other visa, the 457 visa doesn’t let you stay in hotel and make an effort to get comfortable with the local people.
In fact, it completely eradicates the isolation one feels when living far away from the home country. Since, one will be spending at least 38 hours a week with the Australian colleagues or in an Australian working environment. This gives plenty of opportunities to make best pals in no time.
The assurance of a stable job and reliable income in 457 visa has motivated many people across the globe to move to Australia.
As you may be aware that the threshold salary requirement for subclass 457 visa is a minimum of $53,900 + the superannuation as required by law. This financial aspect of subclass 457 is a benefit for not only the overseas skilled worker but also the Australian job market.
If you are also one of subclass 457 visa applicants, then why not consider speaking to an authorised immigration consultant for assistance to know your eligibility and with the application process.

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