Looking for a Partner Visa Application? Know These 6 Things Now!

Looking for a Partner Visa Application? Know These 6 Things Now!

Partner Visa for australia

For people who are married to an Australian, there is an automatic grant of Australian citizenship or permanent residency. However, to get that you need to apply for a visa. If your relationship is a genuine one, then you can seek for a partner visa. The early you will start working for it, the better it will be for you. You never know when things take a U-turn and before anything goes wrong, you must complete the complex paperwork and continue with long processing time. In addition, not to forget the cost.

Here in this blog, we will discuss about 6 different things that you must know about partner visa. So, you can expedite your work and know the details if you have missed out on some.

  • Partner Visa is Highly Expensive

If you are applying via Partner Sub-class 309/100, then the base application charge is AUD 7140, extra application charges for 18- above is AUD 3585, and below 18 is AUD 1795. On the other hand, if you are applying for Partner Subclass 820/801, then the rate of base application will be AUD 7160 and the added charges for 18 years above applicant is AUD 3585 and below 18 is AUD 1795. The entire set comes under the application fees, but it is not the end, you have more to go.

Medical Examination fees Police verification fee Certified translated Documents fees. Immigration advocate fess (if you hire one)

In a nutshell, you might have to spend more than AUD 11000 for just applying for a partner visa.

  • Takes a long processing Time

To receive a partner visa, it might take over two years. Let us take, for example, the 820 Temporary visas, to process 75% of the application, it takes almost about 20 months and 24 months to complete the entire procedure. On the other hand, for 801 permanent visas, 75% of the applications takes 18 months to go ahead and it takes almost 23 months to complete the entire procedure. There are two different and significant reasons for his longtime taking process.

One is due to the increasing number of applications.

Second is the increasing checks about integrity by DoHA assessment officer on the relationship status. It has increased the time to process each and every application with proper verification.

As for them, the matter is important, any fraudulent activity will be easily caught by the officers. If your courtship passes the crucial test of time, then you will get the approval.

  • 12 month living together is a big MYTH

Many people hear the story that you must love together in Australia for 12 months to be eligible to apply for a partner visa. However, the story is completely wrong, and therefore there is an ideal need to get married.

At a certain point in time, we can waive off this 12-month requirement in the following ways

If the relationship bears a child. If the relationship is legal under federally recognized register.

Now, you can apply for a partner visa, even if you not been together in a live-in relationship for straight 12 months.

  • Evidence is Important

If your relationship is not genuine, then it will be a problem to get the visa. The government seeks proof of the relationship and its legit status. So, the visa applicant must deliver problem papers and evidence in these 4 categories.

Aspects related to Finance Household occupation Societal aspects of the relation Commitment nature

No two couples in the world are the same or behave the same. If you are unable to satisfy the government about the legitimate relationship, then you might lose on the visa. Alternatively, you can move on to the next component, but try to satisfy all the perspectives.

  • The Requirement of Consistency, Honesty and Precision

The value of being honest is understood who achieves the legit status by being honest from within. If you have no wrong intentions, then nothing can stop you from gaining the visa. Additionally, you must also be accurate about the proof that you are offering to the government. If anyhow they catch you for being dishonest, then mind you the consequences will be extremely fatal. Ensure that every paper or document that you provide supports your verbal statements. Learn more about form 80 and prepare the papers in accordance with that.

  • Remember the Dates: Mark Them

As a matter of fact, the majority of the documents have an expiration date. As of medical examination papers are valid for about 12 months. The penal or police clearance papers are valid for 12 months. Finally, form 888 is valid 6 weeks from the date of witness.

If your visa is approved, then a big congratulations and wait for the second round of evidence from reliable Immigration consultant in Perth.

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