A guide for international students choosing a university in Australia

A guide for international students choosing a university in Australia

Australia’s top universities

Did you know that Australia has top 43 World-Leading Universities? Surprised?? Don’t be, Melbourne and Sydney are the two of the best cities for students. Furthermore, in this country, there are other states too that have world ranking top universities.

If we compare Australia to other English Speaking countries then there is a huge difference between their education system. A detailed information is outlined below for your reference.

Universities in Australia:

On the East Coast of Australia, there are top 21 universities settled up. To visit these universities, you need to travel to Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and other towns in Queensland and New South Wales. Furthermore 08 other universities are located in Melbourne.

There are 06 universities located in Adelaide on the Southern Coast, and 01 is settled up in between Adelaide and Melbourne. Coming to the West Coast Region, in Perth and Fremantle there are 05 universities and 01 in Darwin. The last 43rd university of country is in Hobart on the island of Tasmania. After a broad reasearch on the various Australian university course structures and wide range of career options to choose from, we can easily say that in Australia each State/ Territory has a well-recognised university.

Explore Australia’s top universities

If you are thinking about enrolling in a University, then you must consider Universities in Australia once. As we have stated that there are many top universities in Australia. According to the “The World University Rankings”, out of 100, 06 universities of Australia are at the top. Furthermore, the top university in the list is the University of Melbourne.

In Australia, students can enroll into a double or combined degrees. To study double/combined degrees students need to choose two subjects like arts and science, arts and law, or commerce and engineering. Duration of normal degrees is of 03 years, but in case of combined degrees, it takes a little more time. To know more about the top universities you may contact XL Migration and Education Services.

Admissions in Australian Universities:

If you are an international student then don’t worry! Students also have the alternative to start their course in university in the semester I (March-June) or the semester II (July-October). In order to start the course in semester I, it is important that your enrolment application reaches the university in December. Domestic students are given a priority and hence you must submit your admission application on time before the intake if full.

If you want to secure your admission in Second semester then the last date to apply comes in May. Well according to a few student co-ordinators, taking admission this late is not a wise decision at all. To complete the Admission requirements in Australian University you need to pay the One Time Registration Fees and also have to submit/upload the second language test results of English. The Second Language Test may include Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Test System (IELTS) or Pearson Test of English (PTE).

If you receive your result a bit late, then don’t waste your time just send the result to university at the earliest. There are many Education Consultants and Agencies who represent the Australian Universities. So before visiting any consultant do your own research and then choose which agency is providing you best options.

Funds required getting admission in Australian Universities:

If you want to complete the under graduation course from the Australian university then you definitely know that the course fee costs between A$15,000 (£8,400) and A$33,000 (£18,400) per year. But don’t worry, there are several Australian Government Scholarships and fund available that can help you in meeting the fee requirements.

For international students from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific, the Australian government has made the Australia Awards scholarships available. For this scholarship the last date to apply mostly comes in April. The date of closing differs according to the country.

Australian Visa:

Enrolling into an Australian University comes with a comfirmation of enrollment (COE) With the COE it is important to Apply for a Student Visa that allows a student to study and stay lawfully in Australia. The student visa (subclass 500) will be valid till the completion of under graduation course. While applying for the Student Visa, you need to attach the copy of COE. Furthermore, you also need to show the proofs regarding funds that will be used in your studies.

After graduating, if you want to stay further and work in Australia then you need to apply and be granted with a Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485).

We hope the above-given information will prove as a guide to study in Australia.

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