Important points to keep in mind will depart or study in Australia

Are you planning to depart to Australia? Make sure to keep these 5 steps in mind

study in Australia

All good stories eventually come to an end. Thus, the time to say goodbye comes sooner or later! Therefore, if you are planning to study in Australia, these five steps will surely help you get your goal. Here are those steps which you must keep in mind while proposing to read farther. Read on to know more.

  • Claiming your tax back in Australia:

    After serving in some industry in Australia, make sure to submit your tax return at the end of every financial year. You might be eligible to receive some of your tax paid back to you. But, the amount to get also depends on: The visa you were on, Working with TFN or ABN, The period of your stay in Australia, Your salary for all your jobs. Therefore, you might get some money back, or you might have to pay some more amount if you didn't pay sufficient tax. But, make sure to pay the tax return by law.

  • Claiming your superannuation in Australia:

    From each salary that you get in Australia, there remains an additional amount which comes under the Superannuation account. For Australia student visa process, it means that you have been paying your retirement in Australia. But, after you decide to depart from Australia with everything, you can finally claim for it. However, if you leave the country and are not sure about getting back your payment, don't worry, as you can always come back and claim for the same amount in the future.

  • Close your bank account:

    Before you leave Australia, it is necessary to create a contact in your commonwealth application with your household bank account details. It makes you transfer the money without any confirmation SMS. After you depart to Australia, and you do not get the taxes and superannuation to your bank account, you can send this distinct money to your address bank account. After transferring all your money, you need to close your bank account in Australia. The process is quite simple. You only need to send an email stating that you want to block your bank account and make sure to attach a certified copy of your passport.

  • How to send your luggage back home from Australia:

    Are you continuing to travel throughout Asia before going back homeward, and you possess lots of containers in Australia? There are various organizations to prepare it, you can take a look at Australia Post which is normally the standard alternative, however, they placed some prohibitions: your baggage cannot pass some dimensions and mass (140cm girth and 22kg), which determines that big bags won’t match toward this filter. Sin Maletas: It’s positively supported, a bit more costly than AusPost, still you can send pretty much everything (any size and weight).

  • Claim back taxes on items purchased:

    Another suggestion from Immigration Agent perth  is that before leaving Australia you can demand the GST (taxes) concerning any of the assets you purchased in Australia throughout the last 60 days before your flight. You can proffer this right on the terminal, after legislating the defense arch, watching for the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) section. To get it quicker you can earlier appoint the form online or applying the TRS mobile app you can locate in Google Play or Apple Store.

These were all about the rules as per Education consultant Perth which you need to keep in mind before leaving Australia.

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