Permanent Resident Visas for Australia: Live in Australia

Permanent Resident Visas for Australia: Live in Australia

Permanent Resident Visas for Australia

According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, a PR visa holder is eligible to reside, get job/business and study in the country without any limitations. In legal terms, the government considers a person having Permanent Resident Visa as “a non-Australian citizen who is the holder of a permanent visa”

You must apply and be granted with a PR visa, if you wish to remiain in Australia permanently. Here we the team of XL Migration and Education Services have given some essential details regarding the Permanent Resident Visas for Australia. We suggest you take a look over these details, to know more you may contact us on 08 9325 9632 or visit

Benefits of having an Australia Permanent Residence visa

There are several benefits of Australia Permanent Residence visa, some of them are:

  • An Australian permanent resident can live anywhere permanently in the country (Australia)
  • Not only live, but an Australian permanent resident can Work full-time, study any desired courses, or travel in Australia according to their choices.
  • On the contrary, permanent residents can also apply for Australian citizenship.
  • An Australian permanent resident can also invite their parents to stay with them in Australia for 3-5 years on visitor visas.
  • Furthermore, one can also buy a house in the country and have their children enroll in Australian government public or private schools. There will be no need to pay any international student fee of such enrolment.
  • It will be easier for permanent residents to gain access to the Centre-link government services.
  • Government Medicare benefits are also available for such residents
  • There is another benefit that an Australian Permanent Resident can bring his/her immediate family along with him. Immediate family includes a wife/husband and children.
  • The only disadvantage is that the person having Australian PR cannot vote for the Australian government. He/she doesn’t have any rights regarding that.

Types of Australian Permanent Residence Visas

  • Type 1: Family Visas

The Family Visa includes Partner/Spouse visas, Parent visa, Child Visa and Remaining Relative visa. Through these Visas, person’s Partner/Spouse/child/relatives can relocate permanently to Australia. To know more about Family Visa, contact us on 08 9325 9632 Visit the official website of XL Migration and Education Services.

  • Type 2: Employer Nominated Visas

Permanent Employer Nominated Visa has two categories. First one is The 187 Regional visa and the second one is the 186 Employer Nominated visa. The 187 regional Visas allow skilled workers to get employed in particular regional and low population growth areas of Australia. On the other hand, the 186 Employer Nominated Visas let skilled workers nominated by their employer, live and work in the country on a permanent basis regardless of the location in Australia.

  • Type 3: Skilled Visas

The Skilled Visas has two categories, The 189 Skilled Independent and 190 Skilled Nominated. The 189 Skilled Independent Visas is for potential applicants nominated for professions listed in the approriate occupation list such as Medium and Long-Term Strtegic List (MLTSSL) or Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) On the other hand, the 190 Skilled Nominated visa is for the applicants having skills to do the job and have their occupation listed in demand for different states in Australia.

  • Type 4: Business Skilled Migration Visas

The Business Skilled Migration Visas is a gateway for potential business owners or new bsuiness investors willing to develop a business or invest in Australia. Furthermore, this Visa also allows candidates to expand their Business in the country and provide employemnt to the locals. This visa not only helps you in business growth but also allows you to stay in the country permanently.

  • Type 5: Special Migration (Skilled Talent) Visas

As similar to other visas, the Special Migration (Skilled Talent) Visas are also divided into two categories. First one is the Distinguished Talent 124 and another is 858 visa. Applicant having a record of excellence in an entitled field are eligible for Distinguished Talent 124.

Through this Visa, a person cannot only work or stay in Australia but also can sponsor his/her relatives for permanent residency in the country. On the other hand, a person having distinguished talent is eligible to get the Distinguished Talent visa (subclass 858). Distinguished talent means a record of excellence in a profession, a sport, the arts and academia, and research.

Eligibility required applying for Australian Permanent Residence Visas:

Before applying for Australia PR, it is important to know all the details about Australian PR visa Requirements. To gather more details about this you can also get help of the Australia Migration Agents. To book an appointment you can call XL Migration and Education Services Contact Number i.e. 0893259632. Furthermore, you may also visit the website i.e.

  • Conclusion!!!

We hope the above-given information will prove to be helpful for you. If you have any other query, feel free to contact us either in person or through call and text. Our Australian Registered Migration Agents will definitely help you in choosing the best for you.

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