Top courses in Australia 2020 for Permanent Residency

Top Courses in Australia 2020 for Permanent Residency

PR Courses in Australia

Australia is no less than a paradise in you want to settle and set up your career here. There are some of the best universities in Australia providing courses that you can take up for a permanent residency in Australia. Are you looking for one? Read on to know about the courses that can lead you towards a bright future with a permanent residency in Australia.


Being the fastest growing occupation in Australia, a number of candidates are looking forward to setting up a career in this particular subject. If you are someone looking for being a permanent resident in Australia, accountancy is the one for you.

There are great exposures to financial dealings, taxation and compliance requirements. Furthermore, the candidates willing to go for masters also have a great job opportunity in 2020.


Engineers have been always in demand in Australia. There are a number of trades where you can look for completing your engineering degree. Some of them include civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering etc.

If you want to be a permanent resident of Australia, you can look for an engineering degree from any of the reputed universities in Australia.

The recent engineering graduates are earning a lot from their engineering degrees. Thus, you can consider it to be a profitable course in Australia. It can be the ultimate key to your continual residency in Australia.


Australia lies among the top countries providing healthcare education. Universities in Australia have a great reputation in providing a nursing degree to candidates, and you can pursue one too if permanent residency is what you are looking for.

Those who are looking for settling in Australia for the rest of their lives can pursue nursing in various fields. Those include - Child Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, Family Nurse, Community Health Nurse etc. These are the courses one can benefit from is their aim is to reside in Australia forever.

Education and Teaching

There will be a constant demand for education and teaching in Australia. Thus, if you are seeking permanent residency, you must look forward to applying for a course in teaching and education from one of the top universities in Australia.


Now- a- days automotive course is in demand in growing industry International students passionate about projected jobs like car fixing have more possibility in obtaining a permanent visa.  The following are the list of automotive jobs:

  • Diesel Motor Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Motor mechanic
  • Motorcycle Mechanic

Building & Construction

With a growing industry building and construction courses offers 10.9/ projected job which will continue till 2022. With this other trade jobs like joiners& construction, plumbers, and many more are also in demand. It is the best pathway for international students.

The following are the building and construction jobs in the list are:

  • Carpenter
  • Building Inspector
  • Construction project Manager
  • Glazier
  • Roof tiler
  • Wall & Floor Tiler

An most important thing to note here is, your study area and your nominated occupation must match even though in some cases, relevant work experience may substitute for the formal qualification. Please note is the list of occupation often and according to the needs of the economy market

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