Open your way to Permanent Residency with subclass 482

Open your way to Permanent Residency with subclass 482

TSS Visa Subclass 482

TSS Visa Subclass 482

Temporary Skill shortage visa aids to improve the quality, contribution, and integration of skilled migrants. It fills the shortage of skilled workers for employers who are not able to find suitable talent amongst Australians. They recruit overseas talents at the same time giving first preference to Australian workers. TSS visa holders have an opportunity to nominate for occupation and apply for permanent residency later on.

As per rules, 457 visas are replaced with a Subclass 482 visa (TSS visa). It includes a short term list, medium-term list, and labor agreement stream. The visa allows the applicant to live in Australia and work full time for an employer. The rules are similar to old Subclass 457 along with fees structure.

  • TSS involves a three-step procedure:
    1. Step 1: An applicant must be sponsored by an approved business.
    2. Step 2: The nomination must be from the list of approved occupation for a skilled position.
    3. Step 3: A visa application by the applicant.
  • Three Streams under TSS 482 visa:
    1. Short Term stream,
    2. Medium Term Stream,
    3. Labor Agreement Stream.

Applicants can travel along with their family to and from Australia within the duration of the visa. Applicants have limitations to work in Australia with approved sponsored you in your particular occupation. Family members can work or study in Australia without any bounds.

  • Short Term Stream

    An applicant is free to apply under this visa stream if they have approved business sponsor. The occupation should be listed on the list of Short term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL). The visa can be granted up to two years unless there is an international trade obligation.

    1. Occupation is listed in STSOL.
    2. Can be nominated for 1 year or 2 years.
    3. The applicant must meet Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements.
    4. A minimum IELTS score of 5 with a minimum of 4.5 in each test component.
    5. An applicant can apply for visa offshore, but for renewal, it can be done onshore.
  • Medium Term Stream

    It is available for an occupation listed under Medium and Long Term Strategic skills (MLTSSL). The visa is permitted to live for four years. The cost is a bit higher and can apply multiple times for this visa.

    1. Occupation must be listed under MLTSSL or Regional Occupational List (ROI).
    2. The applicants can stay up to 4 years.
    3. IELTS score of 5 with a minimum score of 5 in each component.
    4. The visa can be renewed onshore and an applicant can apply for permanent residency after 3 years.
  • Visa Labor Agreement Stream

    The stream has limitation for Australian employer who has signed into a labor agreement with the Department of Home Affairs. There are different agreements consist of a list of requirement and processes.

Eligibility for TSS Visa Streams

  • As per the Government rules, TSS visa applicants must have prior work in the nominated occupation or related field for a minimum of two years.
  • Work experience would be flexible for the nominated occupation and industry practices.
  • The work experience should be for the last five year and it will be calculated on the basis of full-time work. Part-time work experience can be also added.
  • Should have sanctioned nomination by a genuine sponsor.
  • Should have proficiency in the English language and should fulfill the minimum language criteria.
  • Should have valid function visa, subclass 010 visa, subclass 020 visa or subclass 030 visa.
  • Should meet requirements or conditions liable with your visa application.
  • Meet the condition for health and character.
  • Meet the requirements of an individual stream.

TSS 482 Visa Training Requirement

Employers do have some obligations to contribute charge, known as the Skilling Australia Fund levy.

As per Parliament of Australia, the SAF levy is payable by employers for assigning overseas skilled workers. It is effective on TSS 482 visa, subclass 186 and 187 nomination applications. The Migration Amendment charge for nomination training on an employer who are assigning worker under temporary and permanent employer migration programs. This Act is a compulsory requirement for the new TSS visa.

For a small business whose turnover is less than $10 million per year need to pay $1,200 per year. For a large business with a turnover of $10 million reimburse $1800 per year.

  • Medium Term Stream
    1. If the employer sponsorship application is refused or withdrawn.
    2. Incorrect SAF levy payment.
    3. If the visa application of employee has been refused on the health and character grounds.
    4. The nomination and visa are approved but due to some reason, the visa holder cannot initiate the work in a nominated position.
  • How to apply for a TSS 482 visa?
    1. Exhibit your eligibility for sponsorship.
    2. Secure with a minimum 6-month role.
    3. Collect documents
    4. Follow labor market testing.
    5. Apply
What is Condition 8607?

It is a new condition for primary TSS visa holders. The TSS visa holders have a chance to change occupation before the new visa is granted and they can start work with it.

How long does the application process take?

The processing time may vary as per the applicant and job. But with a committed team like XL Immigration, they would asses you for the stress-free immigration process. We would help you with inappropriate processing and speed up to achieve your dreams of working overseas.

Salary and Conditions for TSS

A sponsor who wishes to hire an overseas worker need to work at a salary under AUD 25,000. This is to ensure the overseas worker get enough to pay and the local labor market should not be weakened.

We can assist you for the TSS 482 visa and improve the chance for successful visa approval.

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