Live Your Pharmacist Dreams in Australia with XL Migration

Live Your Pharmacist Dreams in Australia with XL Migration

registered pharmacist in Australia

In succession to become a registered pharmacist in Australia, you must hold a tertiary degree in Pharmacy like a Bachelor or a Master Degree in that case. Graduates then have to register themselves with the Pharmacy Board of Australia following which they have to complete an internship training program for approximately one year with a registered pharmacist.
The task of a pharmacist mainly involves preparing medications after reviewing and going through the prescription provided by the physician. Also, identifying incompatibilities of medicines depending on their expiry dates, dispensing drugs and labeling pharmaceuticals based on their category are some of the pharmacist jobs in Australia, leave Australia. These are the jobs for any sound pharmacist from anywhere in the world.

Now if you are looking ahead for a career as a pharmacist in Australia, then the blog here will furnish all the necessary details one should know before heading straight out to the land down under for pursuing his/her dream as a pharmacist. Quite unmistakable that you are going to be an international student in the country for which you need to understand the different procedures first. One of the most significant thing out of them is to complete your pharmacist registration at the earliest under the authorities of the Australian state, province or the concerned territory. Registering is compulsory for a pharmacist in the country while it will be an offense otherwise.


General Skilled Migration

  • For someone who is looking forward to becoming a registered pharmacist in Australia has to file a visa application under the general skilled migration category first. The two visas which will stand valid for someone working in the country are the Skilled Nominated Visa under subclass 190, and Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa under subclass 489.
  • If you are not in Australia right now and probably planning for an overseas registration, then you must first have a Bachelor or a Master’s degree in Pharmacy. For the graduates having a degree in pharmacy have to then register themselves under the Australian Pharmacy Board, following which they have to serve as an intern for one year to successfully become a registered pharmacist in the country.


Qualified Pharmacist

After you are becoming a registered pharmacist in Australia, you can pursue your dreams of working for a hospital in the country, the retail pharmacy outlets, and other pharmaceutical organizations. The fundamental duties to become a qualified pharmacist is to build a good rapport with all the doctors and also suggest medicines which are best for the primary cure.


English Competency

As far as your English competency is concerned, you can choose IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or OET (Occupational English Test). Everyone who is applying for a visa and willing to pursue a degree course from the country has to score an A or B in the OET's four components, or an applicant should have a minimum score of 6.5 in each module.


Examination Stage I and II

The first stage will comprise of two papers consisting of MCQs in pharmaceutics, therapeutics to physiology, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical chemistry. The test happens in March and September every year. The exam takes place in Australia as well as overseas.

The second stage involves the practical application of pharmacy, written and oral examinations. Each Australian state/territory conducts this test. After completion and on successful passing, candidates will get their Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) Certificates issued.

Hope the article covered everything you were looking for, also the courses from top universities in the country will shape up your career if you are aspiring to become an international student and live your dreams in the land down under.

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