New Checklist to Apply for Australia Partner Visa in 2021

New Checklist to Apply for Australian Partner Visa in 2021

Australian Partner Visa in 2021

Ever wanted to study or have a job in Australia and live that power couple dream with your spouse? But now with pandemic making it harsh to even apply or renew for your own visa, putting up a partner visa for Australia in 2021 is going to get even more challenging.

Not that it won’t be impossible but knowing what to-dos and tasks to complete now before applying for an Australian partner visa after this sticky pandemic situation matters. XL Migration brings you this newly updated checklist that you’ll need to work on once the international travel resumes. With the help of best migration agents for a partner visa, XL Migration can help you achieve the checklist points of below in no time.

Australian Partner Checklist

Know Thy Dates

For married couples, it is easy to know as they have a marriage certificate from the court to prove their union and apply for a visa accordingly. But, it might get tricky to remember dates if you are in a relationship.

So, make sure you are aware and completely consent to share the information about when you and your partner first met and decided to enter an exclusive relationship or the date when you both started living together.

If you are not sure about the eligibility of your current situation, then find out about it on the Department of Home Affairs of Australia.

Get Your Police and Medical Clearances

To process your application, the case officer needs up to date police and medical clearances of your spouse and yourself. Since the validity of these clearances are only 12 months, we suggest you submit the clearances right after lodging the application as the partner visa processing time in Australia might take a bit of time.

Gather The Right Documents

You will need to show supporting documents of your relationship based on four criteria to prove that your connection is genuine.

1.    Finances

  • Do you have a joint bank account? A joint savings account would be the ideal way to be able to prove your relationship. If you can submit joint account statements which showcase both of your names then it will help support your visa application.
  • Is there any proof of transactions done with one another? Keep all transactions receipts of any money transfers done between each other during the time of your relationship.
  • Bought any loans or insurance policies under both of your names? Any insurance policy just under one’s name doesn’t support the application well. Instead, get your policy amended to both of your names to mean serious business.
  • Do you own anything together? Any proof of property owned under both of your names can help in your application. A property could be a house, car or even shares of the stock market.
  • Do you have a joint lease? If you are living on a rented property then consider having both of your names assigned to the lease.
  • Do you have any children? Is the child a joint responsibility? If you have your own children or have an adopted child, make sure both of your names are displayed on the birth certificates or custody documents respectively.
  • How are the utility expense accounts? A supporting document would be that which showcases that the bills paid such as electricity, gas, water, internet, etc., are under both of your names
  • 888 Statutory Declaration Forms. To apply for a partner visa in Australia, you will need at least two of these declaration forms claiming that your relationship is genuine from your family or friends.
  • Prove your joint travels. If you and your partner have had a few international or domestic trips together, then show the travel itineraries and hotel bookings that were done on both your names as evidence to support your application.
  • Any last will and testament made mentioning each other? You can attach a copy of your will if it mentions your partner as a beneficiary. Or if you have nominated your partner as a beneficiary of your superannuation then you can also attach the evidence of it.
  • Any written intentions made to stay in the relationship long-term? Provide any evidence of plans that you and your partner are planning to stay together for a long-term. Such plans could be marriage, evidence of pregnancy or even a business plan that you want to start together.

2.    Household responsibilities

3.    Social Aspects of the Relationship

How to Collect the Documents

There is no way you should attach original documents to the application. But instead, a high-resolution colour scan of each document can be attached to the application. Coloured documents do need to be certified but if you have black and white copies then you need to get them certified.

If your documents are not in English but in any regional language then you will need to get them officially translated by a NAATI accredited translation service.

So, you see there are many tasks you’ll have to go through to get your partner’s visa application going but this checklist isn’t an exhaustive one. Since all relationships are unique, your partner’s visa application checklist might differ from others. But we helped you know the most common and neutral to-dos that you might have to go through while applying for a partner visa in Australia 2021.

XL Migration has experts as partner visa agents in Perth to help you figure out the right details, documents and processes that you will need to follow for your partner visa application. Find the best migration agent for a partner visa only with XL Migration.

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