Post-study work stream subclass 485 visa-chasing your dreams

Post-study work stream subclass 485 visa chasing your Dreams

Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa

A little about Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa

A Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa would really come handy to those individuals who would like to stay in Australia to gain work experience and earn bread and butter for their livelihood after they have successfully completed their academics and education staying in Australia.

This visa works perfectly for people who have recently graduated from the university or college of Australia. An individual can only be eligible to apply for a temporary graduate subclass 485 visa while staying in Australia. This visa allows the applicant to stay in Australia for up to four years depending on his or her qualification status.

A subclass visa 485 generally has got two main streams. One is the Graduate Work Steam and the other one is Post-Graduate Stream.

Graduate Work Stream

The graduate work stream is eligible international students who generally graduate with skills and qualifications that relate to an occupation on the SOL or Skill Occupation List.

Post-Study Work Stream

The Post-Study Work Stream is for international students who graduate with a bachelor, masters or doctoral degree from an Australian education provider (any field of study).

Few Visa requirements

According to the rules laid by the Australian Government there are certain requirements which one has to fulfill in order to get eligible to apply for subclass 485 visa which are as follows:

  • The applicant must be residing in Australia while applying for the visa.
  • He or she must be under 50 years of age while applying.
  • The individual must hold a valid visa approved by the Australian Government.
  • The applicant must hold or have held a student visa in the last six months at the time of making the application.
  • Knowledge of English and being competent with it is a must requirement.
  • The candidate must possess health insurance approved by the government.
  • Having or booked for a complete medical examination.
  • Lastly, the candidate must request a National Policy Check from the Australian Federal Police.

Please note that for a better understanding of other essential requirements along with those given above, one can check out with the official website for better understanding.

Benefits of the subclass 485 visa

Firstly, this subclass 485 visa allows the graduate to work in Australia after they have finished up their courses, but on a temporary basis for a time period of 18 months to four years. This can really work well for those who are willing to reside permanently in Australia as they get a hand on experience beforehand.

Secondly, the applicant is allowed to bring their family in Australia and stay with them, but this will be on a temporary basis as per the guidelines.

Finally, it can act as a stepping stone for the applicant to gather permanent residency in Australia if they wish to.

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