Great News for Parents of migrants in Australia

Great News for Parents of migrants in Australia !!

Parents of migrants in Australia

The Australian government will introduce a new Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa that will provide parents and grandparents a new pathway to reunite with their families for a longer length of time in Australia.

However, there are some important Facts About New Temporary Sponsored Long Stay Parent Visa

The Migration Amendments (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2016 is now passed by the Senate. Finally, the Federal Government has made an important announcement about the New Temporary Sponsored Long Stay Parent Visa. Through this visa, parents will be able to spend a long time with their children who are migrants in Australia.

The Australian Federal Government released a notification stating that the applications for New Long Stay Parent Visa will be available in first half of 2019. The temporary sponsored the visa for parents or we can say the New Long Stay Parent Visa is still the most awaited one.

This New Long Stay Parent Visa will help parents and children to stay together in Australia for a long time. While giving his statement regarding the New Long Stay Visa, Immigration Minister David Coleman said that “This new visa will help families reunite and spend time together”

Adding to his statement, Immigration Minister David Coleman further said that the New Long Stay Parent Visa will become a gateway for all those parents and grandparents who want to spend their time with their families in Australia. By using the visa they can easily visit Australia and meet their family members. This Visa will add several social or cultural benefits to the Australian community.

However, many applicants are not aware of certain facts about new visa for parents. Below are some important details on the New Long Stay Parent Visa.

Facts About New Long Stay Parent Visa

  • The cost of visa is decided according to the number of years parents want to stay for.
  • New sponsorship framework will be introduced that will create a 2 step application process. The 1st step would have the sponsorship application and once this step is approved, the visa application would be allowed to be lodge as the 2nd and final step.
  • The new sponsorship framework under which migrants wanting to sponsor their parents, will act as financial guarantors and are legally required to any debt to taxpayers as a result of a medical emergency.
  • For 3-year-visa, the amount to be paid is $5000
  • For 05-year-visa, $10,000 will be paid
  • For a long time Visa of 10 years, applier needs to pay an amount of $20,000
  • The Long-term Visa is introduced with a benefit of a single renewal for next 05 years by paying the same price.
  • The government has decided to grant this Long Stay Parent Visa to only 15000 people every year.
  • With a high visa application fee, the sponsors would also be responsible for making sure the parents hold an Australian private health insurance and also be responsible to pay any healthcare debt that may incur as a result of parent undergoing a sudden health treatment in Australia. Furthermore, sponsors will also have to act as their parent’s financial guarantor and bear all the extra healthcare costs.
  • People having New Long Stay Parent Visa will not be allowed to have an employement or business in Australia. However, to reduce the childcare facility pressure, government expect that the parents will take on family responsibilities with their children in Australia.
  • Only those who are Australian citizens or permanent residents or “eligible New Zealand citizens” are the only ones eligible to provide their parents/ or sponsor the New Long Stay Parent Visa.
  • The New Long Stay Parent Visa holders cannot apply for the same Visa for more than 10 years. Furthermore, the New Long Stay Parent Visa will never act as a gateway of permanent residence for Visa Holders.
  • The New Temporary Sponsored Long Stay Parent Visa will be available in the first half of 2019.

There are several streams of permanent Parent visa including:

  • Aged Parent Visa,
  • Contributory Parent (Temporary)
  • Permanent Contributory Parent Visa.

The above streams for parent visas are permanent residency options for parents and have cap and queue for visa grants. Some of the parent visas cost upto $100K for both the parents. Hence, the migrant communities ran a campaign for a special visa for their parents that would allow their parents to live in Australia for a continuous period of up to five years. The migrant community believes that the burden of childcare will be reduced if their parents visit Australia for a longer length of time and undertake or share the family responsibilities.

For about 2 years and 06 months the proposed Long Stay Visa for Parents was kept under policies that were either not required or unwanted. Now again the government has declared about the availability of New Long Stay Parent Visa.

Before applying for the new Long-Stay Parent Visa in 2019, it is important for you to know all the details about the visa requirements, steps, sponsorhsip process, etc. To gather more details about this you can also get help of our Registered Migration Agents. To book an appointment you can call XL Migration and Education Services Contact Number i.e. 0893259632. Furthermore, you may also visit the website i.e.

We hope the above-given information will prove to be helpful for you. If you have any other query, feel free to contact us either in person or through call and text. Our Australian Registered Migration Agents will definitely help you in choosing the best for you.

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