Australia’s 10 most-in-demand Jobs revealed in 18-19


high demand in Australia

With a population of more than 2.46 crores (according to data obtained from 2017), Australia today stands as one of the best job providing hub around the globe. With an ample amount of scope for all fields and job offerings, thousands of aspiring candidates are moving to Australia in search of their dream job. A country both financially and culturally stable is seeking more and more talents to get associated with.

Thus without further delay, we look at a few of the job categories that will be in great demand in the financial year 20018-2019.

  • Personal financial adviser

If you are good at giving financial advice to company and seekers by any means then this could turn out good for you in seeking a job in Australia. Money management is something that most companies need and thus having a bachelor degree accounting, finance or similar area of expertise then you could expect a job in Australia with a salary around $90,530 (according to data).

  • Computer software Engineer

This segment of engineering has got one of the highest demanding jobs in Australia which is on a rise and will continue to grow in the year 18-19 as well. Master’s degree in computer programming skills will pay you with high perks; even a bachelor degree can also crack the deal easily. You can expect a salary around $102,280 as a median.

  • Fitness trainer

One of the most challenging yet stylish professions is that of a fitness trainer. If you have got a high school diploma and is capable of what it takes to pass out the certification test conducted by the state’s requirement (if required) in Australia then this high demanding job can provide you with a median salary of $38,160 (as per data).

  • Occupational Therapist Assistant

Australian healthcare is always looking for more and more support staff and occupational therapist assistant is no exceptional. This profession can have a growth of 40% in the coming years as per the trend and can provide a handsome salary for individuals who are looking for it in Australia. If you can fulfill all criteria then this is the career to look for.

  • Registered Nurses

If you are a certified registered nurse then Australia can be the best place for you to get in and look for a stable and paying career. This health care job is in great demand and always requires qualified manpower. In the coming 2018-19 calendar year this particular health care division will generate great job opportunities.

  • Pharmacy Technician

fetch you with a good capability of seeking a job in Australia and currently in demand too. A high school diploma in support can be an added advantage for you. The median salary estimated in around $30,920 according to data collected.

  • Market Research Analyst

The demand for Market research analyst is very high in Australia and can attract more growth in the coming days according to trade pundits. A bachelor degree in marketing or economics or even a master’s degree can break the ice for you. If you are looking for a job in the same profession you can attain a median salary of $62,560 according to stats.

  • Skincare specialist

The demand for skin care specialist in Australia is not new and is showing promising signs of growth in the coming years as well. If you have got a license, and have been certified from an accredited cosmetology or esthetician programs then you have better job chances. A median salary of $30,270 can be expected out of this trade in general.

  • Biomedical Engineer

A biomedical engineering degree can fetch you with handsome salary and is considered to be one of the finest jobs that are in great demand in the coming years. A 23% growth is what is expected and can fetch you with a median salary of $85,620. You are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering or bioengineering.

  • Environmental Engineering Technician

Another of the challenging and in-demand job in Australia is Environmental Engineering Technician. You can earn a handsome living out of this profession and is showing steady growth over the years and would certainly do so in the coming years as well which is approximately 10% by 2022. A degree is a must in order to get in this industry with a median salary of $49,170.

Coming to an end of this list, there are different other professions as well (which is not included in the list above) are in high demand in Australia and can prove to be trending and in demand in the coming 2018-2019 year and for years to come.

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