Everything you need to know before you move to Australia

Everything you need to know before you move to Australia

Living in Australia

Being surrounded by Indian and Pacific Ocean, the Commonwealth of Australia under the guidance of Scott Morrison the current Prime Minister stands as one of the most prominent sovereign countries in the globe with a population of more than 2.46 crores.

Currently, Canberra is the capital of the country having absolute scenic beauty all-around and places like Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, and Gold Cost needs no further introduction. Now, anybody who is planning to get settled in Australia needs to know a few details regarding the life and related availabilities to clearly plan out their relocation beforehand. Hereby I provide little information that could really come handy.

For Living in Australia

When it comes to living, short-term accommodation option is available in different parts of Australia and pay is quite reasonable according to the living standards, but if you need to buy an accommodation for you and your family in any of the cities in Australia you need to pay a good amount that can be quite expensive depending upon the place that you choose to dwell in. Places like Sydney, Melbourne, and Cairns can cost you much in comparison to Townsville or Bendigo.

Now coming on to finding a job which is the most important part out of all, there is a huge demand in most of the working avenues and a certification in any of the working field can really give you an upper hand while asking for a job. The salary for most of the jobs is very much in accordance with the industry standards laid by the Government of Australia.

Education and Health in Australia

Finding schools and colleges in Australia is pretty easy. Most of the locations are connected with primary and secondary schools along with Catholic schools as well. There are well-established colleges and universities available that can truly help you to gain your degree comfortably. If you are looking for playschool for your toddler you can Google to get the best one near to your location.

Medicare an integral part of the healthcare system in Australia is provided at a very low cost. It is offered by the government of Australia to the citizens residing in Australia. There is also the option of private care which anybody can avail. The Medicare system is funded through the Medicare Levy and works really great if you are a citizen of Australia.

Lifestyle in Australia

Due to the warm climatic nature, it is always conducive for an individual to stay outdoors and thus most of the citizen residing in Australia spends the larger part of their time at the beach or at the parks and participating in sports and sport-related activities. Thus they are known as a sports-loving nation worldwide.

In terms of social values, the citizens and the government always gives importance to individual freedom and dignity making things easy and comfortable to live in. They have got freedom of religion, abided by the rules and regulations laid by the law, commitment to the rule of the law and much more. The society basically leads a western cultured life like that of the UK and their eating habits comprise of Aussie barbecue with sausages, fresh seafood, burgers, bread steak, and others.

In terms of Language spoken by the Australians, English is the main spoken language although there are about 200 of different languages that are used in Australia. While speaking English it is observed that the citizens do have a typical style of speaking it and mostly having an Aussie accent.

In terms of literacy, Australia has managed to improve it status from the last few years. According to the latest data obtained from sources Australia adult literacy rate remained constantly stable at around 99 %.which is excellent in terms when comparing with other countries around the globe.

Few Visa Requirements

Now one of the most important parts that remain to be looked at is the requirement for Visa in order to migrate and getting settled into Australia. According to the Skilled Visa Requirements, you need to be under 45 while applying and must know the English Language well in reading, writing, and understanding.

A 457 work visa will demand a sponsorship from an eligible employer to work in a nominated occupation (approved by the Government of Australia) and must possess the right skills, education, and experience in order to be considered for nomination.

If you are moving to Australia to seek employment then sponsorship is not required. In order to acquire such a visa, one must prove his ability, skills, and qualifications necessary to work in Australia and must be in the skilled occupation list.

Wishing you all the very best in your future.

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