Reunite your loved ones with Australia Partner Visa

Reunite your loved ones with Australia Partner Visa

Australia Partner visa refusal

Australia migration has been harder comparing to earlier. Immigration law and regulations have been changed in recent times. For the purpose of safety and security, there are major steps taken in order to avoid crime or fraud in the country. According to the survey of February 2018, there are more than 70% of Permanent employment visas are at higher risks. As per the statics, there are more than 10,000 applications refused for the partner visa for the year 2017. >

There are three types of partner visa for Australia – Onshore, Off Shore and Prospective Marriage. The refusal for Australian partner visa can be heartbreaking and frustrating. As you spend long efforts on gathering evidence, appropriate documentation, research, long, and huge costs. All this is wasted when listening just a word of "No" from the consular. It is crucial to achieving Australia Partner visa approval done on the first time.

With expertise agency that holds the strong stem in the process of visa. They are aware of connecting partners through the visa application process. It is essential to hire a registered migration agent that would guide to throughout legal process and achieve your visa. It is quite difficult for an individual to attain the visa themselves.

Some common mistakes for refusal of partner visa

  • Lack of Supporting Evidence of the Relationship- It is essential to prove your relationship genuine in the eyes of immigration members. You have to meet regulations along with appropriate proof like your photographs together, active joint bank account, history of a text message or phone calls, together traveling photograph and many more. The officer does not know you personally but you have to provide the evidence and prove your relation.
  • Fail to respond to the request of the embassy – One of the reason is not provided with enough documentation. If you have failed in providing Embassy or immigration officer additional documents or any type of information they require, it would be considered void and visa is rejected. One of the reason is if you have not completed the medical examination for assessment of partner visa.
  • Fail to meet Character requirements – You applicant can be refused if you do no meet up the character requirement essential for a visa.
    • Substantial criminal record
    • Suspects of being involved in any sort of criminal activities.
    • Your present or general conduct is matter or concern to immigration. They make sure that whether you are in hometown or in Australia you don't involve in activities like criminal conducts, talk another person, molest or vilify part of a community, or may represent a danger to the community.
  • Not proper Interview – Poorly answer interview can lead to the cancel of the visa. The officers would ask your questions regarding your relationship and more about your partner. Like where have you met your partner? Their birthdays and many more questions to prove your relationship.
  • Missing Document Certification – There arevariousdocumentations that need to be certified or notarized to be deemed true copies of the present original document. The documents need to be notarized are
    • ID Documents
    • Birth Certificates
    • Marriage certificate
    • Copies of original documents.
  • Terminology – use appropriate words and statements for proving your relationship history. There are a few things you need to be careful about in a committed relationship. Some written statements could prove a negative impact.

Although, there are several reasons for refusal of partner visa the majority are which we mentioned. The role of the migration agent perth is to provide your guidance and ensures for a positive outcome for an entire application. The role of the agent is to asses eligibility and guide yours for requirements and process involved. It is a job of an agent to ensure and be updated with the law and act as per it. Book your consultation today.

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