Rebuild your dreams with GSM visa

Rebuild your dreams with GSM visa

General Skilled Migration Visa

General Skilled Migration Visa

Australia's Skilled Migration Program aims for individuals holding special skills and a desire to settle in Australia. There are more than 120,000 new migrants entering Australia with special skills willing to settle in Australia. The international students can apply for General Skilled Migration and maximize their possibilities of achieving Permanent Residency.

After they have achieved their graduate degrees and polished their skills they can apply for General Skilled Migration and open their gateway to Australia. Rules along with a combined list of eligible skilled occupation can change frequently. It is essential to consult a migration agent that would assist you in complete formalities.

  • Type of Skilled Migration visa

    Australia skilled migration program points base system on three subclasses.

    1. Skilled Independent visa that lies under subclass 189.
    2. Skilled Nominated Visa that lies under subclass 190.
    3. Skilled Regional Visa under subclass 489.

Subclass 189 and 190 are permanent visa while 489 is provisional residency visa. All three subclass are eligible to obtain Permanent residency status in Australia. The minimum point score to achieve a skilled migration visa varies as per occupation and qualification of applicants for that particular visa. The higher qualified applicants would lead to minimum points you would need. Visa subclass can be determined as per skills, requirements, and eligibility.

The points are based on age, academic eligibility, experience, English capability, and some other factors. To qualify for the visa an application a person should qualify with 65 points with some other factors mentioned in the invitation letter.


An applicants age should be between 18 to 45 years. They can have a minimum of 15 points that can be granted till 30. The applicant should have fluency in English Language and should submit test results prior to an application submitted. Native speakers of English language adds an extra advantage to the application.

The profession should be listed in government skill plan. There are MLTSSL (medium and Long term Strategic Skills List) and STSOL (Short term skilled occupational demand list) for a list of high demand occupation as well as moderate demand occupations. Before submitting an application, it is essential for applicants to have their professional related skills estimated by higher authorities to know about their eligibility. It is essential to consult an expert for your own set of criteria and requirements.

Medical and Characters exams should be passed to ensure good health along with a steady personality.

Skilled Independent GSM visa

It is eligible for skilled foreign workers. As per Subclass 189, family members can accompany you to Australia and they have a chance to live and work on long term basis throughout. Under this section an applicant can attend education programs, access to social security payment options, achieve Medicare healthcare coverage and many more.

Skill Nominated Visa

It is issued to qualified skilled foreign workers. They are either sponsored by state or territory. Under this class, an applicant family can accompany him either to love and work on long term. But it is essential to stay in state or territory for at least two years. Families would have the freedom to live and work permanently in Australia. An applicant can access social security payments, attend education programs, apply for Medicare and health care coverage and many more.

Skilled regional Visa

This visa is sponsored to Australian temporary residency with some condition. For Skilled regional visa, a relative should be living in a Designated area. The relative must be an Australian citizen or New Zealand, citizen.

Parents, Uncles and Aunts, Nephews and Nieces, Brother and Sister, First Parents, Grandparents can sponsor this visa.

Summing Up

This visa offers you the benefit of staying till fours years. An applicant can live, work and study in a specific region of Australia. At XL Migration we understand and undertake legal formalities of skillful obligations to apply for an Australian visa. With experience in General Skilled migration visa, we have broadened the spectrum of happy customers throughout. We prioritize in delivering happiness and satisfaction to customers. We have distinct service of delivering Trust, commitment and excellence. Book a Free Consultation today that would guide to through a complete holistic service. Apply with leading visa consultant Perth for specific visa type.

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