Change of Partner Visa For International Students

Change of Partner Visa For International Students

Current scenario of partner visa

There have been few major changes found in the Australian Immigration System recently and as far as the changes are concerns they will have a great impact on the immigration process. This can really be crucial especially for international immigrants who flock to Australia every year for the job, work, tour, and all other purposes. Today hereby we are going to look at a few of the changes made by the Australian Government in terms of providing a partner visa for international student and its impact on society. Now before we start let's check out a few of the basic and fundamentals in relation to this visa.

What is a partner visa?

The Partner visa allows the individual to live in Australia if that individual is the spouse or de facto partner of a citizen of Australia or New Zealand and considered to be a permanent resident of either of the two nations. It has been found that mainly there are two types of partner visas available, subclass 820 and subclass 801. The first one is a permanent one and the second one is temporary in nature which provides the applicant with limited benefits unlike the subclass 820 which provide maximum benefit. The eligibility for getting a partner visa in Australia differs in the case of married partners and in the case of De facto partners. These can be pretty well understood on referring to the Australian Government Immigration website.

Now coming back to the point, in order to better understand the change and the impact of the change of the partner visa we will to first take a close look at the current prevailing requirement and criteria that one needs to fulfill for obtain partner visa in Perth.

The current scenario

The sponsorship must come from an Australian citizen, or permanent resident or a citizen from New Zealand who needs to sponsor the visa for the applicant. It is a mandatory rule that together applicants (with a partner) must submit their applications to the Australian Department of Home Affairs asking to process the visa and establish their candidature for the same. This is followed on with lodging a valid partner visa to which the Australian Government allows the applicant to obtain a Bridging Visa (BVA). This will simply come into action and effect when their existing visa expires. The Bridging Visa or BVA in short holder will be then eligible to remain in Australia until a decision is made on the partner application and acted upon. While this processing time continues the applicant will be entitled to have all the working rights reserved and can avail all other medical facilities provides by the Aussie Government.

The overall impact on the new action

Now in light of the partner visa for the International student, now they must forward on with will Temporary Graduate subclass 485 visa which will help them full working rights for up to four years in total. It will also provide a surplus time for them to gain relevant working exposure and increase point score when asking for permanent residence. Now to add on to this, until the student lodges an application for a valid visa the applicant will not be entitled to have BVA, Medicare and full work rights (in some instances).

In short offshore applicants and the sponsors now will have to pass through a stringent process in order to assess their character and history. All these processes are very crucial and require minute details in each and every segment. Valid documents in support to the character and stay in Australia and documents regarding academic qualifications must be thoroughly checked and submitted now in order to avoid rejection from the applicant’s side. Along with this, the timing of providing application is also a major decision to take failing which could also result in cancellation of the partner’s visa. Thus it is mandatory to get in touch with the officials of Immigration before leaping to any step and taking any action regarding partner visa.

Hence, it is always recommended to seek an expert assistance to proceed in the right direction. At XL Migration, our registered immigration experts will not only help you understand the visa requirements thoroughly, but also make sure you obtain a relevant skill assessment and get the desired outcome in no time. To get in touch with us, email us at: INFO@XLMIGRATION.COM.AU or call us for consultation on 08 9325 9632.

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