What are the changes done in the Australian immigration process in 2019

What are the changes done in the Australian Immigration process in 2019?

Australian Immigration process in 2019

Immigration service Australia is at the center of political discussion with Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It indicates that more opportunities are opening up for migrants in regional Australia. The administration is working to enhance the immigration program to suit the requirements of specific locations. Thus going forward, there will be changes made in the Australian Visa in 2019. Read on to know more.

New Parent Visa to be made available:

A new parent visa which will permit parents of Australian migrants to reside in Australia for five years will be made available during the first half of 2019. This particular aspect is one among the Australian immigration changes 2019. Earlier, in June 2016, it was a promise by the authorities, but due to the delay for the legislation link, they did pass it to November 2018. Under the new Visa, parents will be able to choose among a three-year visa which comes at $5000 and a five-year endorsement with a $10000 cost. Furthermore, there will also be single-renewal with all the visas subjected to an annual cap of $15000.

New sponsorship framework for sponsored family visas:

As per news, we can say that the Federal Parliament accepted the Migration Amendments Bill 2016 including Government's amendments. Subsequently, the lower house did pass it on the same day. It did have a new sponsorship framework for family visas. The new structure creates a two-step application method which includes an assessment of the sponsors. Once, the approval is over, you can lodge the visa application.

A business visa that doesn’t require evidence of investment:

A particular visa points at enhancing the economy of South Australia. In November last year, it did roll out. However, in 2019, we can expect it to go full steam with more applicants applying for it. The visa which came into action in March 2019 during the lead up to South Australian State election, won't need any capital outlay. It is because it remains the case for maximum business and innovation visas.

Cutting Australia’s permanent immigration intake:

The cover on Australia's annual permanent immigration admission is at 190000, and it is there at this particular level since 2011. But, the original intake last year fell to only over 162000 for the primary time since 2007. Also, including a cut in the family and skilled-visas. Prime Minister Scott Morrison states that more than once. Furthermore, he is also in favor of covering the annual immigration intake at 160000 as per Australian Migration agent Perth.

Australian citizenship:

The Federal Government is trying to make some changes in the Australian Citizenship Law with the help of the parliament which would make the correspondent residents wait for four years and finally pass an English language test. It is mandatory before they can apply for citizenship. But, the new legislation was not there in front of the parliament. In August 2018, the Government did place it among the act which was for proposal and entrance throughout the Spring sitting of parliament.

Wrapping Up

Considering all the above acts and amendments to pass the changes through the Senate, the Government would require the support of crossbench senators. They also include some of the mighty opposition members who did place it through their expression.

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