Guide to Sponsor your partner to Australia

Guide to Sponsor your partner to Australia

Partner visa Australia

Partner visa Australia

Australia is well known for various young professional entering a city with a different motto. People incline towards its prudent features of work avenues and easy of living that attracts migrants for across the world. Since the official language is English and quite comfortable for most of the overseas residents, it adds an advantage. Australia is a country where you can travel with your family with security and array of working options.

If you are seeking for Australian Partner visa or want to apply for it, then we help you sort out the visa issue.

Partner Visa Categories

The partner visa lies in two subcategories of subclass 820 and subclass 801. As per subclass 820 visa, it allows a partner on a temporary basis to live in Australia. It is the first initial stage towards achieving a permanent partner visa. It is a temporary visa allows permits to stay in Australia if you are legally married or have a de facto partner. Permanent Partner visa lies under subclass 801.

There is an option when you can apply for both visas at the same time with one application charge.

If you are outside Australia, you can apply for Partner Temporary visa under Subclass 309 and Permanent visa under subclass 100. This option is eligible to a candidate to enter and stay in Australia with your partner. The partner must be Australian permanent resident or New Zealand, citizen.

  • Category of Visa Options

    There are three types of Partner Visa.

    1. Partner Marriage Visa
    2. Partner DeFacto visa
    3. Prospective Marriage Visa.

Partner visa applications procedure can be submitted while applicants are in Australia or outside visa. The prospective marriage visa can be applied whilst the application is offshore.

  • Requirements for a partner visa
    1. Both spouses should be 18 years or above.
    2. The applicants should be either spouse or de facto partner.
    3. A spouse should be a sponsor for a minimum of 2 years.
    4. Should be sponsored by an eligible person
    5. Legally married to partner and prove that partner should have a mutual commitment with the spouse.
    6. Proving genuine and continuing a relationship with your partner.
    7. In case de facto relationship, the bonding should be at least 12 months old.
    8. A de facto partner having an Australia citizen.
    9. Applicant must meet health and character parameters.
  • Temporary Partner visa allows you to
    1. Stay in Australia unit there is a decision out for your permanent Partner visa.
    2. Work in Australia
    3. Study in Australia
    4. Enroll for schemes of Medicare, Health-related care and expenses.
  • A permanent visa allows you to
    1. A study in Australia (not for limited time)
    2. Work and Study
    3. Apply for citizenship
    4. Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
    5. Receives social security payments
    6. Can travel outside Australia and come back for five years from the date visa is granted.

How can I prepare for Partner Visa?

Partner visa application work on stages. It may take time to attain a Partner visa. It relied upon your application and reality in your relationship. A temporary visa is granted on initial stages. After two years you can process for a permanent residency visa.

The Prospective Marriage visa consists of an additional stage where the first application is applied offshore. If the application is granted, the applicant has a span of nine months to enter in Australia, marry their sponsor (partner) and then apply for a Partner visa.

Although, there are strict rules and regulations as per the Department of Home Affairs. They are a way of safeguarding against applicants who are not genuine.

In case, if the relationship does not work before two years, then there are chances of failing for approval of an application.

  • Step 1
      1. Prepare your documents

    There are certain documentations need along with your application. Your documents hold a vital role in the preparation of visa procedure. If you are not sure about the documents checklist and still have some doubts, consult registered migration in Perth.

  • Step 2
      1. Lodge your Application

    An applicant can lodge for Subclass 801 and 820 as per their preference. The visa can be applied online, by post or in person. If you desire you apply, you may have all the documentation ready as well as the visa application. An immigration consultant Perth, can guide you for Application procedure.

  • Step 3
      1. Wait

    It may take a couple of months or days for DHA to approve your decision of visa application. However, the time may vary as per rules too. Permanent visa may take 19 to 24 months depends upon the DHA.

  • Step 4
      1. Once Partner Visa is granted start living together with your partner


How much does a Partner Visa cost?

Department of Home Affairs has currently set the Partner Visas fees amounted to $7,160 plus the surcharge and therefore we have set our Partner Visa service fees to be extremely affordable.

Summing Up

XL immigration is established consultancy that provides priority to our clients. We focus on maintaining rapport with clients by providing genuine appraisal and advice. We don't want to waste your time and money, we primarily focus on customer satisfaction. We are having years of experience in the filed that would give you extra support towards your successful application.

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