How to get Partner Visa approved in less than seven months

How to get Partner Visa approved in less than seven months

applying for Partner Visa

According to the annual statistics, every year around Fifty thousand Partner Visa applications get approved. If you also want to get partner visa approved in less than seven months then here are some tips and suggestions you can follow.

Well, it is not a simple task to apply for the Partner Visa. There are a lot of formalities, evidences and documentation processes that applicants have to go through to get the Spouse/ DeFacto/ Prospective Marriage Visa. Consequently, with the help of partner Visa, partner of permanent resident or Australian Citizen becomes eligible to live in Australia temporarily.

Gather all the details before applying for Partner Visa:

If you want to live with your partner in Australia then you must apply with all the evidences ready for verification. According to our Migration Experts, the procedure and chances of getting the Partner Visa approved is a bit difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore, getting a partner Visa is costly too.

In fact, if someone applies for a partner Visa without proper information available and less paperwork, then he/she may face the delay in having a case officer being allocated. This eventually leads to a delay in requesting the remaining documents or evidences to be verified.

Moreover, there are many frauds who fudge people having improper information. Therefore, the accurate and complete application plays an important role in Partner Visa completion.

Usually, it takes 07 to 12 months for immigration to provide the final deccision on file, if there are no more documents or evidences to be assessed further. On the contrary, if someone wants to get their Visa approved in less than 07 months then accurate information and all required documents must be added to the application.

Eligibility required applying for Partner Visa:

If you are willing to get a Partner Visa approved then you must be able to prove a strong, genuine, committed and continuing relationship with the person who is:

  • An Australian Citizen
  • Australian Permanent Resident
  • Eligible New Zealand Citizen

Front Loaded Application

If you want your application to have a case officer allocated as soon as possible then it must be lodged as a ‘Decision Ready’ application. “Now, What is Decision Ready Application”. It means that, at the time of lodgement, all the necessary required documents must be submitted with the application and have no more pending information or docuemnts.

Well, you will be surprised to know that getting Partner Visa is not only time consuming but also one of the costliest Visa Procedures. Yes, it costs a hefty price of $7,160 by Department of Home Affairs. Therefore, make sure you are adviced or guided correctly and that your application is Decision Ready.

According to the current global processing times of Home Affairs’ department, it takes around 17 to 21 months to complete the Partner Visa Application process.

Types of Offshore Partner Visa

Offshore Partner Visa has two stages:

  • Provisional visa
  • Migrant visa

Partner Provisional Visa:

This is also known as a Temporary stage or the first stage Partner Visa. Partner of Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen can apply for this Visa while living outside of Australia. After the grant of Partner (Provisional) visa subclass 309, the applicant becomes temporarily eligible to live in Australia. Furthermore, the Provisional Visa is the foremost steps towards getting the permanent Partner Migrant visa (subclass 100). Applying for Provisional Visa costs from AUD7,160. Processing Time for Provisional Partner Visa is

75% of applications12 months
90% of applications 17 months


Migrant Partner Visa:

This is also known as the Permanent stage or the Second stage Partner Visa. With the help of Partner Migrant Visa, partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand resident can live in Australia on a permanent basis. Moreover, People having temporary Partner visa (subclass 309) can apply for Partner Visa Migrant after 2 years to get permanent residence in Australia. Processing time for Partner Migrant Visa is:

75% of applications17 months
90% of applications 21 months


Pillars or Aspects that determine genuine relationship for Partner Visa:

In order to get the Partner Visa, applicants and sponsors have to satisfy the following aspects:

  • Mutual commitment – At the time of lodgement, applicant and sponsor must show proper evidences about their relationship being genuine and continuing with potential of long term commitment. For an instance, the couple can also submit statements in writing. The statement will be proof that they both know about each others’ background, families, future plans, etc.
  • Financial aspect – Along with the visa application, applicant and sponsor can also show the proof related to their joint financial liabilities. The couple can divide the liabilities and also show evidences such as who pays rent or who buys groceries, etc. The joint financial liabilities may include the money transfers, bank accounts, investments, and savings of both the partners.
  • Household aspect – If the couple resides together and decides to lodge a Partner Visa, they must keep records of all the ongoing household expenses. These can be joint utility bills, lease agreements, mortgage etc as the evidence to prove the household aspect. This aspect can be tricky at times when the applicant and the sponsor have not resided together for a long time or have never resided together in the past. However, they can then show the intention or a plan of how would they be sharing their household responsibilities upon the applicants arrival in Australia.
  • Social aspect – Social aspect plays an important role too. Considering this, the couple applying for Visa have to show evidence regarding social acceptance. To prove that how the relationship is known and accepted socially, the couple can show the joint travels, attending concerts/ wedding/ party together, joint activities on social media, etc.
  • Genuine and continuing relationship - Lastly, the couple must also submit the details about their first physical meeting in Australia or overseas and the history or development of their relationship since the first meeting. They must also show how the relationship was maintained while the couple were in a long distance relationship.

We hope the above-given information will prove to be helpful for you in applying for Partner Visa. Additionally, if you need more information then you may also visit our website i.e.

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